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Clean and modern solutions for sites that just work

Hi, my name is Marco Valentini and I’m a UX/UI designer and developer, pushing pixels and typing code since 2004. I like designing solutions to problems, consider context, recognizing constraints and potential, deliver products that work.

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UX Design

Usability and accessibility come first. Before designing, I like addressing strategy, purpose and all aspects of a product as perceived by users.

UI Design

Passionate about minimalist design, atomic design, typography, vectors and white space. A fan of the 8pt rule and responsive fonts.

Front-end Development

Fixated with light, scalable and resusable code. Expert in HTML5 and CSS3 via SASS. Comfortable with PHP and jQuery. I coded my own Bootstrap-like framework.

Back-end Development

Best friends with WordPress and MySQL databases. Able to create, configure and maintain web environments, both local and on production.